Overnight and Day Care

Overnight: $30.00 per day and $15.00 for each additional dog
Day Care: $20.00 per day

Our  hours for pick up and drop off are 7am to 10am Mon thru Sunday
or 4pm to 7pm Monday thru Sunday

Winter pick up and drop off Hours:
7am to 10am Mon thru Sunday
or 3:30pm to 6pm Monday thru Sunday

We feed the dogs twice a day with your own food or, for $5.00 I can feed your dog a no-grain, high quality dog food

Special feeding instruction will need to be approved first.

The grounds are cleaned twice a day to make sure the property remains clean for dogs to romp and play.

If your dog isn’t getting the exercise you feel it needs I do offer a $5.00 charge take them on a small walk on our dirt road.

Medications and supplements can be given per your instruction with a small fee depending on the time involved.

Additional services

If your dog needs more exercise I can also take them on a hike to one of the Parks that allow dogs for a fee of $20.00

I can provide transportation (pick-up and return) arranged ahead of time. The cost will depend on the travel distance.

I do some grooming. I do not have hot water so baths in the winter do not work. I can clean your dog off the with a towel and a good brushing for a small fee.

I can do nails and ear cleaning if requested.